How do I receive all my security deposit back at move out?2020-03-17T22:37:41-07:00

Security deposits are security against the owner sustaining a loss due to damage, unpaid rent, etc. by the tenant(s). We document the condition of the property with an inspection program prior to your move in which allows us to take unlimited pictures of the property prior to move in. This protects you as well as the owner. We much prefer to refund your entire security deposit. So as soon as we receive written word from you of your impending move we will send a Move Out list documenting what things should be done to get a maximum refund of your security deposit.

Can I get a copy of my lease and all docs associated with it?2020-03-17T22:22:29-07:00

Yes you are entitled to those.

Am I responsible for HOA fees?2020-03-17T22:21:49-07:00

Typically HOA fees are paid by the owner. If the property is a condo which charges a move in/move out fee you may be charged that fee. That fee normally covers padding of the elevator and assigning an employee to regulate the elevator to expedite your move.

How does the First Come First Served system work?2020-03-17T22:55:07-07:00

This refers to inquiries about a property, not applications. Inquiries are received from several ad sources and are time and date stamped as well. The inquiries are answered in the order they are received in the same manner received…phone call, email, or text.


If you have multiple applications how do you determine who gets the property?2020-03-17T22:20:17-07:00

Our renal criteria is posted on our website under the Tenant tab. You are required to read it before you can begin the application process. If, after reading it, you believe you would qualify then we certainly wish for you to do that. The applications are time and date stamped when we receive them. As we read through the first one, if it appears it qualifies then we send it to screening. We only send one application (or one group application) for a given property at a time in fairness to others who apply. If the first application(s) sent to screening qualify then they are offered the property.

How soon after signing the lease do we move in?2020-03-17T22:19:36-07:00

You can move immediately as soon as we receive the first month’s rent and security deposit and the utility transfers are completed. If you are approved but can not move immediately you can sign an Agreement to Execute a Lease, pay the security deposit immediately, and sign the lease and pay the first month’s rent within two weeks.

Will you negotiate the amount of the rent?2020-03-17T22:18:49-07:00

We do extensive comps of rentals in the area for all the properties we manage. We set rents at a fair market rate for our homes so that we are always competitive. If we occasionally have difficulty renting a property and it appears to be the price we would automatically reduce the price a bit if necessary.

Are pets allowed in your homes?2020-03-17T22:17:59-07:00

Pet allowance is a home owner’s decision. We do inform our owners of the large number of pet owners in the rental population but the decision remains theirs to make.


What do you screen for?2020-03-17T22:17:12-07:00

We screen for tenant history (present and past landlords), employment verification and income, national criminal background check, credit worthiness

How are emergencies handled?2022-06-14T00:23:34-07:00

We have a designated emergency number residents can call any time with a true emergency and in turn we contact the 24-hr service number of the vendor that will be dispatched.

Do we have a maintenance staff for repairs and normal maintenance?2020-03-17T22:10:29-07:00

We use a property maintenance service and also specialty vendors (HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical) that we have done business with for years. We do not upcharge for arranging maintenance and the owner receives the same invoice we do.


What if the resident leaves before the end of the lease?2020-03-17T22:09:42-07:00

The State of Oregon allows managers and landlords to collect an Early Lease Termination Fee equal to 1 ½ month’s rent to break their lease. Those funds are due and collectible when they give notice they are moving.

How is tenant damage handled?2020-03-17T22:08:41-07:00

At move out any damage caused by the resident will be charged to their security deposit. If there is accidental damage during their tenancy (i.e broken window) then we will have it replaced, pay for it from the owner’s reserve, and bill the tenant’s ledger.


When will the rental funds be distributed?2020-03-17T22:07:50-07:00

Once any expenses are subtracted including management fee the funds are distributed to the owner on or before the 14th of the month.

How is late rent collected?2020-03-17T22:06:57-07:00

Rent is due on the 1st and late on the 5th. If not collected by the 8th the resident is sent a 72 HR Notice to Pay or Vacate. If by the 15th the rent has not been paid then a copy of the lease, tenant’s rent ledger, and notice are sent to our attorney for a First Appearance in court. So far that has been the end of the line. The rent gets paid.

What about Fair Housing laws?2020-03-17T22:06:05-07:00

The purpose of Fair Housing laws is to provide equal access to housing for all protected classes of people with no discrimination. We are well versed in Fair Housing laws and have never in 13 years in business been accused of violating someone’s right to housing.

How is smoking handled?2020-03-17T22:05:22-07:00

All of our properties are NO SMOKING. Any smoking on the premises is a serious violation of the lease and subject to termination of the lease.

Is it the owner’s decision to allow pets or not?2020-03-17T22:04:40-07:00

It is the owner’s decision. However, 60+ percent of renters in the Portland area have pets and taking that many applicants out of the tenant pool is significant. The owner can decide what type and size pet is allowable.

How is the rental price determined?2020-03-17T22:03:16-07:00

We use 3 different comp sites to compare your property to others with the same number of bedrooms and comparable square footage.

How much security deposit is collected?2020-03-17T22:02:15-07:00

With the new ordinances that went into effect March 1, 2020 in the City of Portland the security deposit is limited to one month’s rent. In the rest of Oregon our security deposit is one month’s rent plus $300.

Typically how long does it take to get the property rented?2020-03-17T22:00:55-07:00

From April through August the average time is 2-4 weeks. The winter months possibly a bit longer.

How do we advertise your house for rent?2020-03-17T13:47:52-07:00

The owner fills out a property information sheet including neighborhood amenities that would appeal to a prospective renter. We use that information as well as 16-20 property pictures to post ads on Zillow, Hot Pads, Trulia, Craigslist, and our website. A For Rent sign is also placed in the front yard.

How can I arrange a viewing of one of your rentals?2020-03-17T22:16:18-07:00

Contact our office at 503-697-9500 or contact Jane at jane@eaglepmco.com

What is necessary to prepare my house for renting and management?2020-03-17T13:32:15-07:00

Any deferred maintenance should be completed, appliances should be in good working order, windows should have shades, any walls with furniture scuffs should be painted, and the house and carpets (if applicable) should be professionally cleaned. The yard and shrubs should be mowed and trimmed.

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