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  1. Bill Savage November 11, 2016 at 12:40 amReply

    Good morning,

    Our home on 7th and D Ave sold the first day of listing. Not surprising for First Addition, but we really were not quite ready with this condo in the 555 building on 2nd Street. However, finally the painting and updating allowed us to squeeze into the 1,430 sq. ft (little) space.
    I was thinking about what to do with the extra funds when a condo across the street came onto the market by Hasson. (Mike lives upstairs.) Address: 151 C Ave. It’s the corner unit with a Mt. Hood view in a building of 5 units. I’m still not sure why they accepted my lower offer. Maybe because of all cash. The inspection is completed and they would like to rent back until about the first of the year.
    Well, I love that condo for many reasons, but Donna won’t move again. Maybe someday. She would also have trouble with the stairs owing to her knee replacement; with one more still in her future.

    I could probably handle the marketing / renting myself, but that may not be smart. Even if I’ve built and sold 6 homes here in LO during the last 36 years, leasing management may be a reach.
    We should talk. Donna says I need to come to bed.
    Enjoy your day,